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Phantasialand (Fantasialand) is a large amusement park suitable for young and old, small and big children. A day out to a spectacular amusement park from the Eifel.

Just below Cologne (Köln), between Cologne and Euskirchen lies Brühl where Phantasialand is located. This gigantic amusement park attracts millions of people every year and is one of the larger amusement parks in Europe.

Although Phantasialand in Brühl is not located in the Eifel, it is not really far from the Eifel and therefore easy to do for a day of unadulterated amusement park fun. From Blankenheim, for example, it is less than 50 kilometers, half an hour by car. Many tourists make a day trip from the Eifel to the famous theme park Fantasialand.

Phantasialand is a fun and spectacular amusement park for the whole family. Adults, small children and older children, for everyone there is enough to enjoy and do. There are many attractions, shows and various themes in the park.

There are even two themed hotels where you can stay if you want to spend several days in the park.