Always on time


The NDSM shipyard is a unique place in the city of Amsterdam. In the past, one of the largest and most modern shipyards in the world was located here. Many residents of Amsterdam feel connected to this special history. On the NDSM yard there are still many buildings and objects from this era. For years the shipyard has attracted creative entrepreneurs and many visitors from home and abroad. The NDSM wharf is a household name in Noord and the rest of Amsterdam. Not only because of the dance parties and performances held there – outside corona time – but also because of the raw character and empty space of the area.

The NDSM wharf is in the middle of the new center of the city. The northern banks of the IJ are developing at a rapid pace. Thousands of new homes are being built. The NDSM wharf is changing from the frayed edge of Amsterdam North into a modern district with significance for all of Amsterdam.