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Volendam is the famous fishing village on the IJsselmeer.  Wander around in the Doolfhof and get a breath of fresh air on the Zeedijk. Meanwhile, you can have your picture taken in traditional costume. Beautiful traditional houses and narrow streets give the eel village an authentic character.

1.      THE DIJK

The heart of Volendam is the dike along the water. Here you have a beautiful view over the IJsselmeer and you will find the fish auction. This wooden building was built in 1934 and is no longer in function. It is the landmark of the harbor and now a National Monument. Hotel Spaander is also located on the dike. Hotel Spaander is the most famous hotel in Volendam and here even hangs a list of famous people from all over the world, who have spent the night here. In the hotel you can see several paintings.

2.      the old center

The Doolhof and the Oude Kom, the oldest part of the center, show the characteristic building style of Volendam. No straight street pattern, but a maze of traditional houses. Every Saturday there is a market on the strait.

3.      CHURCHES

Volendam also has three churches, each built in a different century. The Stolphoevekerk (1658) is the oldest church and can only be viewed from the outside. It is now a national monument. In 1860 the St. Vincentius church was built. This church is open to tourists in the summer. St. Mary’s Church was built in 1957 and is freely accessible and still in use.


Volendam is known for its traditional costumes. In the Volendams Museum you will find a collection of traditional costumes and the accompanying jewelry. Volendam is particularly known for the many paintings of the fishing village.  These are also on display in the museum, along with postcards and drawings. This gives a good insight into life and work at the end of the 19th century until around 1950.


Later Volendam also became known for palingsound. In other words, the various Dutch-speaking singers from Volendam. Of course the most famous example is Jan Smit. But there are several successful artists from Volendam. In the Palingsoundmuseum you will learn everything about the last 100 years of eelsound.


When visiting Volendam, a photo in traditional costume should not be missed. Along the dike there are several photography studios that offer this opportunity. One well-known is Zwarthoed Photo opposite the Spaander Hotel. Here, various (now former) Ajax players have had their picture taken and these adorn the shop window.