Always on time


Keukenhof, the most fun and colorful day out! This spring, more than 7 million flower bulbs are in bloom with as many as 800 different types of tulips. A unique and unforgettable experience. Besides the more than 32ha of flowers, you can enjoy spectacular flower shows, surprising inspiration gardens, unique works of art and great events. Don’t forget the Tulpomania exhibition in the Juliana Pavilion.


Flower Power is the theme of Keukenhof in 2019. Flowers inspire people. At Keukenhof, flowers connect people from all over the world, who enjoy tulips, scents and colors together. Holland is world famous for its beautiful flower fields and all the types of flowers grown there. With bright colors, hippies, peace & music, Flower Power represents the atmosphere of the early 70s. A wonderful theme to celebrate the 70th Keukenhof. Flower Power, the power of flowers!


The story of the tulip is impressive. Bulbs that were worth their weight in gold, theft and a mountain dweller that feels at home in the Dutch climate. But there is also the story of the black tulip and celebrities who got their own tulip. These stories can be found in the Tulipomania exhibition in the Juliana Pavilion. Baptize your own tulip, see how tulips are grown and get tips and advice from our experts on how to use flower bulbs in your own garden.