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Luxury wedding transportation

Are you looking for luxury wedding transportation for the most beautiful day of your life? Then of course you want the best and most beautiful transportation.

On your wedding day, only the most beautiful wedding car matters. Finally, the wedding car is an important part of your wedding day. With us you can arrange a beautiful car with driver for a luxurious and relaxing ride on this fantastic day. Our luxury cars do not carry a cab sign and your driver is always dressed representative. Of course we do everything to make you feel at ease. We know how important this day is for you and will ensure that you lack nothing. We can also arrange a beautiful car for your family and friends so that your entire group can enjoy excellent transportation. Want to know more? Please contact with us. We provide a perfect ride at a very competitive price.

Bride transportation with a luxury wedding car

Our Euro Business Taxi is regularly used for weddings throughout the Netherlands, always without a cab designation. Hiring a wedding car is no longer necessary when you arrange a luxury cab for your wedding. We have the most beautiful and luxurious cars that can take you to the church or town hall and we can wait for you there for your next destination. Do you want a wedding car in the form of a Mercedes E or S class, Tesla model S or X, Audi A8 or a BMW 7 series? We will make sure that your private driver arrives in your dream car and completes your day by being at your beck and call. We can also pick up your guests and transport them throughout the day if you wish, in a luxury cab or a Mercedes V-class bus for up to seven people. So everyone can benefit from very luxurious wedding transportation. Do you prefer another car? We can arrange that too!

If you want to arrange a wedding car that is particularly luxurious and equipped with all conveniences then our luxury cabs without cab designation are an excellent choice. During your ride you can completely relax because of all the extras we offer that make your wedding transportation special. For example, the leather upholstery in our cars is ideal for a wedding dress that must remain spotless and uncreased or for a beautiful and wrinkle-free tailored suit for the groom. Furthermore, all the cars of our luxury cab transport have seat heating, drinks, free wifi and a telephone connection. This makes your wedding car extra special, in addition of course to the friendly driver who ensures that your ride is excellent and on time. Do you want to be sure that your wedding transportation will be luxurious and hassle-free? Then get in touch with us. We take care of your transportation in a professional manner.