Always on time

Rent a Bob

Returning home responsibly

Have you had a drink and can’t drive back? Don’t take any risks and book our bob home delivery service. Let our driver take you home safely in your own car.

How does it work?

  1. You reserve a bob driver by phone or mail
  2. The bob driver will be dropped off at the agreed location by his colleague.
  3. The bob driver will be picked up by his colleague.
  4. The bob driver will bring you home safely in your own car.
  5. Once you have arrived, the bob driver will take you to your destination.
  6. On arrival at your home, the bob driver will join his colleague.
  7. You and your car will be returned to your home.
  8. You and your car are safely home.

Reservations are not required but are our preference.

Waiting time

Once the driver has reported to you, you may not be ready to leave. Hence, we have included a 10 minute waiting period in the price. If the driver has to wait longer or retrieve your car from a more distant parking lot, we are forced to charge a waiting fee.