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VIP Transport

Luxury Taxi or VIP Taxi

The advantages of a luxury cab or VIP taxi

When you book a luxury cab or VIP cab with Euro Business Taxi you can count on the best service and the highest quality. All our drivers are professional and will bring you to your final destination without waiting. Each of our cars offers various luxury amenities such as leather upholstery, seat heating, a telephone connection, drinks and free wifi. The luxury cabs or VIP cabs of Euro Business Taxi do not carry a cab sign. So you always have your own private driver. That feels just a bit different.

Booking a luxury or VIP cab? We will be happy to arrange it!
Whether you want to be transported yourself or arrange luxury transport for a business contact, with us you can always count on a luxury car with lots of extra service. Moreover, our luxury cab service can be booked at a lower rate than usual in Amsterdam. So you can enjoy a wonderful luxury and benefit directly from a low price! Our luxury cabs or VIP Taxis are easy to book online. We are available twenty-four hours a day and know (the area) of Amsterdam like the back of our hand. Do you need transportation to Schiphol or another airport? We are happy to take care of that for you.