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Tours Limburg

The southernmost province of our country has more to offer than you might think at first glance. Of course, you know Limburg mainly for its delicious flans, the hills and the friendly inhabitants with their soft ‘G’. But Limburg really has a lot more beautiful things to offer. Limburg is also one of the most ideal provinces in the Netherlands for a wonderful park vacation. The selection of vacation and bungalow parks in Limburg is therefore excellent.

1. Maastricht

The capital of Limburg is the Burgundian beating heart of the province and has much to offer for a wonderful day out. The beauty and atmosphere of Maastricht cannot be compared to any other Dutch destination. You’ll find delicious restaurants and cafes and in the summer you can enjoy a terrace. In the city itself there is plenty to see, such as the Basilica of Saint Servatius on the bustling Vrijthof Square, the Saint Servatius Bridge, the Old City Gate, cozy markets to stroll around and wonderful museums.

2. Mergellandroute

Whether you’re exploring Limburg by bike, motorcycle, Solex or car, the Mergellandroute is a must. This more than 100 km long route is not for nothing the best known car route in the Netherlands. It takes you right through the beautiful South Limburg hills with unique views and through typical Limburg towns and villages.

3. Drielandenpunt & Vaalserberg

Perhaps one of the most famous sights of Limburg is the Drielandenpunt on the Vaalserberg. At 322 meters high, this is officially the highest point in the Netherlands where the borders of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany meet. From the two lookout towers – the Wilhelmina Tower in the Netherlands and the fifty meter high Boudewijn tower on the Belgian side – you have a wonderful view. The area also has many beautiful hiking trails and cycling routes and is an ideal destination for a day out.

Also fun with children to do here is the Labyrinth. An extensive labyrinth where you can get lost. In addition, there is a cool water playground.

4. Arcen Castle Gardens

In the North Limburg town of Arcen, all your senses come alive in the colorful and fragrant, most versatile flower and plant park in Europe. The park of no less than 32 hectares is a wonderful place to spend hours, with more than fifteen different gardens, such as an Oriental water garden with houses on stilts, a Mediterranean Sea garden and several waterfalls and ponds. Various events are organized throughout the year, there are fine catering establishments and you can also have a nice picnic in the gardens in summer.

5. Walking & cycling in Limburg

The beauty of the nature in Limburg is unprecedented. The south of the province is by its green hills with babbling brooks different than all other regions in the Netherlands. South Limburg is the only place in the Netherlands with real height differences and that gives hiking and biking in Limburg a unique, almost un-Dutch character. Absolute top locations for walking (or hiking as it is also called these days) are the Sint-Pietersberg, the Krijtlandroute, the Brunssumerheide and the Geul Valley. But also the middle and north of Limburg has beautiful hiking trails. From vast forest and heath landscapes, to swampy bogs and sand drifts. As a hiking enthusiast, you naturally visit the Maasplassen in Central Limburg, the shifting dunes in the North Limburg National Park De Maasduinen and the watery Land van Peel en Maas.

Naturally, Limburg is also a very popular area among Dutch cyclists. Especially in South Limburg, the rolling landscape is a real challenge for many cyclists. Climb for example the legendary Cauberg, Keutenberg or Kruisberg on your racing bike. It is also fun to participate in cycling classics such as the Amstel Gold Race, Limburgs Mooiste or Boogie’s Extreme.

6. Rolduc Abbey (Kerkrade)

The largest abbey in the Benelux is now transformed into a beautiful hotel and conference center, but still worth a visit. The imposing abbey is located in Limburg and dates back to the twelfth century. Today it is one of the UNESCO Top 100 monuments of the Netherlands. Exhibitions of beautiful works of art are held there and every Sunday you can join a guided tour of the abbey and its picturesque historic gardens. There is also a regular market where you can buy genuine Limburg regional products.

7. Valkenburg

Valkenburg is one of the most popular cities in Limburg and should definitely not be missed on this list. Visit Castle Valkenburg and the Roman Catacombs, the open air theater and the Fairytale Forest. Of course you can also explore one of the many caves in Valkenburg. Accompanied by a guide you will explore one of the oldest (marl) caves in South Limburg, the Fluweelengrot, with a gigantic underground system under the castle ruins. An unprecedented outing for the whole family! In the cozy center of Valkenburg you can enjoy a nice meal or have a drink in one of the many cafes.

8. Jochumhof Botanical Garden

In the Botanical Garden Jochumhof in Steyl, North Limburg, you will find a unique collection of exotic plants and trees. The plant seeds for these were brought from all over the world by missionaries from the monastery village. Jochumhof also has an herb garden, a botanical garden and even a Mediterranean greenhouse. The picturesque monastery village where the Botanical Garden is located is situated on the banks of the Meuse River and further offers a colorful collection of mission houses, monasteries and monastery gardens.

9. Toverland Amusement Park

For a day of excitement and adventure for the whole family is Toverland the place to be. A magical world for young and old with more than 30 attractions. There is both an outdoor and an indoor area, making the park accessible throughout the year. In the Magic Forest, the Land of Toos and the Magic Valley you can easily enjoy yourself for a whole day. You will also find the fastest, largest and longest roller coaster in the Benelux. Are you up to it?

10. Thermae 2000

For those who want to relax, Limburg has its own, beautifully situated spa in Valkenburg aan de Geul. Just for the view, this spa is worth a visit. Thermae 2000 is located at the top of the Cauberg, hidden in the Limburg green hilly landscape and offers beautiful views while you enjoy a day of wellness and relaxation.

The thermal water has a healing effect on muscles and joints and is wonderfully relaxing. A blessing for body and mind. There are various treatments and packages available, ranging from beauty treatments to wonderful massages and even a chocolate rasul treatment.

11. Barefoot Park Brunssum

Limburg offers beautiful nature parks for hiking enthusiasts, but also the little ones are thought. The Blotefootpark in Brunssum offers a walking experience for young and old on – you guessed it – bare feet. You walk over paths of pebbles, tree bark, sand and tickling grass. This natural surface stimulates your senses and gives you a wonderful massage at the same time. There are also exciting obstacle courses across the water, balance beams and mud baths.

12. Cool trips and activities in Park Gravenrode

In this recreational area between Kerkrade and Landgraaf you’ll find several attractions that are definitely worth a visit. Pay a visit to Gaia Zoo, which has already been named ‘Best Zoo in the Benelux’ four times and was even awarded ‘Funniest Outing in the Netherlands’ in 2013. On Wilhelminaberg in Landgraaf you can work on your skiing and snowboarding skills in the indoor ski slope SnowWorld. Here you will also find the longest open-air staircase in the Netherlands. After 508 steps you can enjoy a beautiful view at the 225 meter high top. The lovers of science and technology have also been thought of. Discovery Center Continium in Kerkrade is an interactive do-and-discover museum. Here you can learn more about the influence of science and technology on the world of yesterday and today in a playful manner.