Always on time


Magic for young & old

The Efteling in North Brabant has been a magical place for more than 65 years with countless fairy tales, exciting attractions and enchanting park shows. Would you like a fairytale day out during your vacation? Then come to the Efteling, because here there is plenty to do for young and old!

Sprookjesachtig beautiful

The Fairytale Forest is a real experience. Discover several beautiful fairy tales here, from Cinderella to the Emperor’s New Clothes. Listen to the stories of the Fairy Tale Tree and watch the colored doves on the square of the Frog King. You will be short of eyes!

Show for the whole family

Visit Droomvlucht and fly through a world of trolls and fairies. Or come see the park show Raveleijn, where the Raveleijn riders must do their best to free the city from the evil count. End the day with Aquanura, a splashing water spectacle full of light and sound effects.

In wintery atmospheres

Also during the winter season you can enjoy a day out at the Efteling. The fairytale theme park is decorated with thousands of twinkling lights, winter delicacies, warm bonfires and snowy fir trees. Swing across the ice rink with your loved one, hurtle down a slide or melt away at your favorite fairytale. At the Winter Efteling, even the coldest days of the year feel the warmest.