Always on time



In 1963, Shetland Pony Park Slagharen opened with a unique concept: 24 vacation homes were built around an old farm, each with its own Shetland pony. The idea caught on and in order to keep the guests on the grounds longer, owner Henk Bemboom had fairground attractions set up. The fair grew and the number of cottages increased.

The compact park – which nowadays is part of the originally Spanish chain Parques Reunidos – consists of two attraction zones connected by Main Street. High above the Main Street, a cable car and a monorail take visitors from one side of the park to the other. A nice view of all that Slagharen Amusement Park has to offer is obtained from the 46-meter-high Ferris wheel, which stands halfway down Main Street.

Slagharen is built around six themes: western, New Orleans, Mexico, Jules Verne, Yellowstone and American Indian. Experiences and adventure are central to the park, including custom entertainment and family roller coaster Mine Train and whitewater ride Ripsaw Falls. Rollercoaster Gold Rush features a three-part launch: the train is launched from the station first forward, then backward, then forward again. Then the train shoots down the 400-meter track.