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Walibi Holland is a particularly fun amusement park in Flevoland with many roller coasters, thrill rides, family attractions and family shows.

  • Visit Walibi Holland and experience a day full of challenges and fun with the whole family!
  • Discover the exciting attractions including the roller coasters.
  • For all ages

    Walibi Holland is perhaps the most exciting theme park in the Netherlands. It has countless roller coasters and attractions that spin you around, take you to great heights and play with G-forces.

    Fun in Walibi

    Walibi Holland is not for the faint-hearted! There is hardly time to catch your breath between all the roller coasters and other attractions. So hold on tight during the breakneck speeds, exciting loops and breathtaking descents.

    Halloween Fright Nights

    Do you get a kick out of creepy situations and being chased by monstrous, bloodthirsty characters? Then the Halloween Fright Nights are a must. Within the park there are haunted houses to visit and these are specially designed to scare the hell out of you. In addition, there are also “Scare Zones”, which are areas where all sorts of scary characters roam. There will also be a DJ on the main stage and Eddie the Clown will have his own show starting this year. The Halloween Fright Nights take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in October.  The park will remain open until 11 p.m. For exact dates and tickets, check the Walibi website.