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The historic town of Monnickendam is located on the Markermeer. Lovers of old Dutch towns and water sports will feel completely at home in Monnickendam.

  • Visit the museum in the Speeltoren, the oldest building in Monnickendam
  • Walk through the atmospheric center full of monuments.
  • Monnickendam is a real water town: take a boat out or go sailing yourself.

Monnickendam was granted city rights in 1355. This was the beginning of the expansion of the city. Unfortunately, no illustrations from the fourteenth century have survived. However, the fact that Monnickendam received city rights indicates that the population was quite large and that Monnickendam was of economic importance.

History of Monnickendam

Because the city was conveniently located on the coast of the former Zuiderzee and close to the lakes inland, shipping and associated trade flourished. However, all buildings from 1355, with the exception of the Speeltoren, went up in flames during severe fires. The Speeltoren can still be admired. It is located next to the Waag.


The Speeltoren, one of the city’s monuments, houses a museum. Other monuments include the Grote- or Sint-Nicolaaskerk, the wooden drawbridge in the harbor and many of the houses in Monnickendam.