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Almere, built in the 1970s on reclaimed land, has much to offer. Not only because of its unique history, but also because of its exceptional architecture, large range of stores and beautiful natural areas.

  • Almere
  • Visit the young city of Almere, near Amsterdam, and see the beautiful architecture.
  • With 42 kilometers of coastline, Almere is ideal for beach and water sports enthusiasts.
  • Discover the beautiful nature reserves of Oostvaardersplassen and Lepelaarsplassen.

New town with old history

On the spot where Almere is built was still the Zuiderzee at the beginning of last century. After it was dammed up and became the IJsselmeer, parts of it could be reclaimed to gain land. Almere is a beautiful result of this and was intended to provide space for the rapidly growing population of Amsterdam. It is now a spacious city that is definitely worth a visit.

Museums in Almere

Discover what art and culture Almere has to offer in one of this city’s museums. In nature experience center de Oostvaarders you will find an exhibition about the nature and archaeology of the Oostvaardersplassen. Daniel Libeskind created one of seven special Land Art projects in Flevoland. Polderland Garden of Love and Fire (1992 – 1997) is, according to its creator, intended as a garden for meditation. Not really a museum, but definitely worth a visit!

Discover the world of the police, fire department and ambulance in the PIT Safety Museum. Take a tour through the history of safety and emergency services and get a complete picture of how safety is regulated in the Netherlands.

What else is there to do in Almere?

Almere offers everything for a wonderful day out in any season. For example, you can shop around in the more than 400 stores in the new town center. Almere is also ideal for beach and water sports enthusiasts. With a coastline of 42 kilometers it is not only perfect for a day at the beach, but also for water sports activities. For example, Almere offers the largest catamaran beach in Europe and there is plenty of room for surf and kite surf enthusiasts at Surfstrand Almere Haven and Atlantisstrand.

If you like walking or cycling in nature, Almere has it all. Around the city there are beautiful forests, lakes and polders known for their unique flora and fauna. The most special nature reserve is certainly the Oostvaardersplassen that grows on the old seabed. You can discover special birds and even meet some of the animals of “the big five” (roe deer, red deer, wild boar, beaver and seal).

Finally, Almere is also a must for lovers of modern architecture. With many high-profile buildings such as the city hall, the theater stage de kunstlinie, the Emerald and the Citadel, the inner city offers many architectural delights. It is not for nothing that Almere is number 1 in contemporary architecture in ‘European Newtowns’.

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