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Tours Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a big city (it is the largest city in the Netherlands in terms of surface area), and there is a lot to do. The city – also sometimes called the New York of Europe – has a large number of special monumental buildings.

1. Erasmus Bridge

From the center of Rotterdam you can walk over the Erasmus bridge to Rotterdam South, but even if you have nothing to do here, the Erasmus bridge alone is worth a visit. After all, the Erasmus bridge is one of the icons of Rotterdam. The bridge is also known as ‘the Swan’ because of its shape, and for many Rotterdammers the bridge is the pride of the city. You don’t necessarily have to walk across it, because from a distance the bridge is perhaps even more beautiful.

2. Euromast

For a view of the city , a visit to the Euromast is actually pretty much mandatory. The tower is 185 meters high and on all floors you have a 360 degree view over Rotterdam and its surroundings.

You can stop at a height of 100 meters and enjoy the restaurant, but you can also choose to go to the top because here the view is of course the most spectacular. This can be done by means of the glass Euroscoop elevator, in which you have a constant view of the city. From the top of the Euromast you can see very far in good weather, so see if you can find Antwerp in the distance.

3. Market Hall

The Market Hall is a very recently opened icon where you should go just for the giant painting on the ceiling. Of course, you come here mainly for theshops, stalls and restaurants where you can taste and buy all kinds of different food products. There are not only vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish available, but also sweets, ice cream, herbs, spices, and worldly delights. Treat yourself with a snack, because you will undoubtedly get hungry upon entering because of the delicious smells that come your way.

Once inside, you will be overwhelmed not only by the delicious food but also by the colorfulness of the wall coverings. The Market Hall is not for nothing called the Sixtine Chapel of Rotterdam. On the wall you can see beautiful scenes with flowers, insects, fruit, fish, etc.. And the enormous artwork ‘The Horn of Plenty’ by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. In total, no less than 4000 blocks decorate the hall!

4. Cube Houses

Yet another icon of Rotterdam are the cube houses. These houses are located opposite the Market Hall and a visit to both attractions can therefore be easily combined. The houses are immediately striking in both their square shape and bright yellow color. The houses were designed by architect Piet Blom as part of the reconstruction of Rotterdam after the war. .

5. Central Station

Even if you don’t arrive in the city by train, a visit to the station building is still worthwhile. Rotterdam Central Station is quite impressive and there are quite a few stores and cafes. In addition, the station has a special shape because of the sloping roof that points like an arrow to the center. This modern architectural style fits perfectly into the trendy heart of Rotterdam, making the station already very popular with the inhabitants of the city.

6. The Rotterdam

Unless you live or work here, the building ‘De Rotterdam’ itself does not have much to offer (apart from some stores, a sports center and a cinema). However, from the outside this giant forms an important part of the Rotterdam skyline.

The building was designed back in 1998 but was only completed and opened in 2013. The building consists of three towers that are connected for the first thirty meters and then stand separately and at a certain height jump a bit. In total, the building is about 149 meters high and contains 44 floors, making this quite a large building in the Netherlands .

7. St. Paul’s Church

When you walk past this church, the architecture will surely surprise you. The former church building was demolished in 2007 for the construction of an apartment complex next door. But in 2013, the building received a new futuristic-looking architecture and has been serving as a multi-purpose accommodation ever since. It is a design shelter for the homeless, addicts, people with psychiatric problems, in short people who could use a little help. A beautiful initiative and undoubtedly unique in the world!

8. The White House of Rotterdam

The White House is another building that survived the bombings. This building dates back to 1898 and was built at the time in the Art Nouveau style . The building is 43 more high and was the first skyscraper in the Netherlands, although the building is also considered by many to be the first skyscraper in Europe. On the roof is a viewing platform from which you have a nice view, but do not forget to take a good look at the facade.

Here you will find several beautiful images. Today there are also some cafes in the building, so you can have a cup of coffee after photographing the building before moving on.

9. New Delft Gate

Once you’re out of the Luchtsingel, this brown-orange building certainly won’t escape you either! The structure, which looks like a three-dimensional graphic drawing, is based on the neo-classical city gate from before the war. It symbolizes a Rotterdam that is still developing.

10. Witte de Withstraat

Witte de Withstraat, one of the coolest streets in Rotterdam where you stumble across bars, restaurants… and art. The Witte de Withstraat is in fact the location for the eponymous international art institution Witte de With. This center for contemporary arts presents many (temporary) exhibitions that are definitely worth a visit.

But also for lovers of good food and a glass of wine, this is the place to be. This hotspot has more than enough atmospheric cafes and restaurants.

11. Van Nelle factory

Does the name Van Nelle not ring a bell? Don’t panic. Van Nelle used to be amanufacturer of cigarettes, tobacco, tea and coffee. His factory is today the most important industrial monument in all of the Netherlands. Since a few years, the Van Nelle factory can even be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can visit the building with a guide to get more information during a tour through the factory. Besides just businesses, there are also a few rooms for meetings located in the factory.

12. Recycled Park

This is not just an ordinary park. In order to combat all the pollution in the North Sea, they are trying to separate the plastic waste in the New Maas via a collection system that they have been working on for almost five years. The collected material is recycled into building blocks that are assembled into floating platforms. They form the basis for a new green environment. These floating parks are an added value for Rotterdam and fulfil an ecological role in the river water.