Always on time

In which cases will you get discount?

  1. Most booked itineraries & excursions:The most well-known form are our fixed prices to airports, but also the most booked routes. Get discounts of up to 60%!
  2. Return trip:Do you use a return trip? Then you get a further discount. Depending on the destination and time this discount can be up to 50%! Click here to request a quote.
  3. Long distances:Doesn’t a destination appear and you are going to a destination with a distance of more than 50 kilometers? Then please contact with us and get a discount on the legal prices.
  4. Pay in advance:Have you booked a tour or another destination for which you want additional discount? By depositing the amount in advance, you will get another 10% discount on the set price. Click here (frequently asked questions).