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Amusement parks

With our private cab tour Pretpark visit, you can experience a relaxing yet exhilarating day at one or more of the most fun-filled theme parks in the Netherlands. You travel with a luxurious new car, driven by an experienced driver. Our cars drive without cab indication.

Everything in a row

Would you like to experience a relaxing day in our small country or do you want to see something else than a tourist attraction? Then a visit to one of our amusement parks is a great idea. The Netherlands may be small, but our country has a lot to offer and certainly in the area of theme parks. Experience a wonderful day at Duinrell or Drievliet near The Hague, visit fairytale characters and take the roller coaster in De Efteling in Brabant, let us take you to Toverland in Limburg or choose the great roller coaster Walibi in the middle of the country. Whatever you choose, each theme park has many attractions that will surely charm you. With a private cab tour Amusement park visit you will have a wonderful day and discover a completely different side of the Netherlands. On the way you can enjoy all the luxury and comfort. We bring you with a beautiful sedan or with a luxury business van.

Is one of the theme parks in the Netherlands not enough for you? Then we can also take you to the amazing Phantasialand or Legoland in Germany. But also Disneyland Paris is the place full of wonders. Whatever amusement park you choose, we will always be there for you!