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Euro Business Taxi

We have been striving for the highest quality and leading service for our customers since 2017. We want to offer added valu
You can use travel for easye to our drivers, who have invested in their certification. For our employees, we like to create a pleasant, exciting and inspiring working environment. And for our partners, we want to be an added value.
bookings throughout Europe. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have extensive experience with airport transfers, tour services and city transfers. You can pay by cash, credit card or invoice.

We can customize your private tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. Tours include water, on-board snacks, parking and VAT, but exclude entrance fees. Private Taxi Tours are available for individuals, couples or small groups. We also offer tours for individuals, couples or small private groups up to 8 people per cab. For more information, please contact us.

Our mission & vision

Customers should be transported from A to B with a satisfied, fulfilled feeling and in a professional manner. Hereby we find it important that customers are heard in their wishes and we try to deliver a better service every time. We hope to play a significantly larger role within the cab industry in the near future. We do not limit ourselves to just driving from A to B, but we are concerned about the entire service from temperature in the vehicle to the music taste of the customer, everything is included in our vision.

Why Euro Business Taxi


We have been operating since 1996. Since 2017 we have also gone international which allows us to make it accessible to more people. As a result, we are used to almost all possible situations and take them into account.

Easy reservation

You can book a cab with us directly online or by phone. You have the choice to pay in advance or afterwards.

Multilingual drivers

Our language is Dutch but all our drivers speak English. At your request, we can also provide a driver who speaks the language you desire.

Safe & insured

Of course, we drive with the utmost care. With our experienced drivers who have patience, insight and years of experience, you have nothing to worry about.

Competitive and fair tariffs

We are one of the cheapest in the region. You always have a fixed price with us for most destinations. Also for normal distances you will always get the fairest price. Are you booking a distance of more than 50 km? Then you always get an extra competitive offer.

Payment methods

You have several payment options with us; cash, credit card, pin and on account. You can always get a receipt from us. If you drive on account; a monthly or weekly invoice.

Professional taxi services

Our services

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Our services

Regiotaxi, Wmo transport, Valys, pupil transport and (seated) patient transport.

We transport you to and from any airport
within the Netherlands and the border regions.

Group transportation for e.g. companies and schools. Owns several affordable coaches/buses that are safe and comfortable for every trip and group.

Need chauffeur services in Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport or the rest of the Netherlands? We provide you with a car with driver.

Let a driver drive you home in your own car. Safe and responsible. Smart choice!

The luxury carrier specializing in business transportation, both driver and vehicle tailored to the needs of the business traveler.

Euro Business Taxi is your care cab. No waiting times, door to door with personal attention. We also offer a special wheelchair cab.

Euro Business Taxi specializes in VIP transportation, limousine transportation, Schiphol transfers, transportation for artists, chauffeur services, group transportation, sightseeing tours and executive transportation in Europe.


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