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Movie-park Germany

A day trip to Hollywood in Germany? Which attractions and shows should you not miss during your ‘day at the movies’

You will not easily miss anything at Movie Park Germany. The movie park near Oberhausen is perhaps the most easily navigable theme park in Europe. In fact, the park is one big T-junction. At the end of the main street – the Hollywood Street Set – you can only go two ways: left or right. Getting lost is impossible and overlooking an attraction is also very difficult.

The biggest eye-catchers in the park are the roller coasters and the sixty meter high free fall tower The High Fall. Fans of these thrill rides will always find something to their liking: for the more daring there is, in addition to The High Fall, the hanging looping roller coaster MP Xpress, the wooden roller coaster The Bandit and the wild mouse roller coaster Ghost Chasers. Smaller guests can get on the roller coasters The Backyardigans Mission to Mars or the suspended Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Flyer.