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Tours Amersfoort

Amersfoort is a very pleasant city: the most special attractions are national monuments of which the city has no less than 500. Amersfoort exudes a nostalgic atmosphere and is full of charming stores, squares and terraces. The center is nice and compact, making it easy to walk everywhere. We enjoyed it. What is definitely worth seeing in the center of Amersfoort and should not be missed?

1.  The Koppelpoort
The icon of Amersfoort

The Koppelpoort is the icon of Amersfoort. It is an ancient city gate beautifully situated on the river Eem. The Koppelpoort is the only gate in the Netherlands that is both a land gate and a water gate.

Pleasure cruises
This is also the place where many pleasure cruises start. These tours run from May through October.
There are different routes but all tours last about 45 minutes and they tell you about the surroundings.
You can book a boat trip for €6 per person through Waterlijn Amersfoort in the store on Krommestraat 5.
Departure times are daily from 11 am to 4:30 pm every half hour.
You can also rent your own boat from Waterlijn.
Visiting the Koppelpoort: practical information
Entering the Koppelpoort, looking inside and out, exploring, experiencing, even on top of it, is only and exclusively possible with a guide from Gilde Amersfoort, as part of a city walk or separately.
You get a guided tour of half an hour.
A guided visit to the torque gate costs €4 for adults and €3 for children.
You must book in advance through the website of Gilde Amersfoort.
2. City walks through Amersfoort
You can also book a guided city walk with Gilde Amersfoort. You can choose from a basic walk or an extended walk.
The basic city walk costs €5 for adults €4 for children and the extended walk costs €10 for adults and €8 for children.

The walks were voted the best outing in the province of Utrecht by the Dutch public. This is not without reason; you walk along a lot of history and hear the historical backgrounds of buildings in the city. The guides have a lot to tell and this makes a visit to Amersfoort much more interesting than just walking around on your own. When you book a walking tour, a visit to the torque gate is always included in the price. This makes the walk almost worthless, so be sure to do it!

Combine a walking tour with a guided tour of monuments
You can also choose to visit more monuments during the walk, such as the Men’s Hall, St. Joris Church or the Hofje.
The tour takes about 1.5 hours and starts at the Tower of Our Lady.
The tours always go ahead, regardless of the weather or the number of participants.
There are no tours on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.
During the summer period from March through October there are 2 tours per day, at 11:30 and at 14:00.
In the winter period from November to February the tour starts at 2 pm only.

You can buy tickets at the tourist office or online at Gilde Amersfoort. There are also special walks such as the beer walk and the walk along the holy houses. In 2 hours time you walk through the church history of Amersfoort.

3.  The Muurhuizen

Muurhuizen is a long narrow street and runs all the way around the center of the city. Here was once the old city wall from the Middle Ages. In the 1300s Amersfoort expanded and a new city wall was built. The old wall was torn down. When you walk through wall houses, it seems like you’ve landed in the Middle Ages. The street has a nice historical atmosphere and it is incredibly beautiful. You can have a nice walk there.

Walking in the Middle Ages

There are cute old houses and other buildings, built with the remains of the old city wall. We found the most beautiful buildings at number 97 and number 25.

The building at number 97 was part of the prison until the 19th century.
At number 25 there used to be a cotton mill.
Number 5 is also a special house because you can see on a picture on the facade how the house used to look like.
Take a leisurely stroll through Muurhuizen and imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. Of course you can also visit this place on a guided tour.