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Working method

My working method

The introduction of Cradle to Cradle and the resulting Circular Economy has already set thinking to work. The way of producing and processing waste streams will take a big turn. Consumers, stimulated by increased awareness, will focus more on a demand for products. As a result, the contact that will arise between producers and consumers will have to be looked at differently.

Working method

My focus is on reducing and redirecting waste streams.

InHaCom has set itself the goal of helping producers to prepare for the Circular Economy and the related changes in consumer behavior. As a result of increased environmental pressure and the resulting higher waste costs, producers’ margins will come under additional pressure.

InHaCom has set itself the goal of reducing waste streams at producers by looking at where they can be put to better use. The focus of InHaCom is therefore on reducing and redirecting waste streams. By monitoring the production process and the related waste streams, InHaCom ensures that waste streams can be reduced or used differently, which puts less pressure on the margins. InHaCom also looks at the design phase of products, by looking from the basis where waste streams arise, InHaCom advises where a translation can be made to a reduction or better use of waste streams.

Linking supply and demand

I help process/recycle your waste. Maybe you don’t know what to do with your business waste. I do! Let me help you.

Advice on recycling

There are many ways to recycle your corporate waste. Don’t know how to recycle your business waste or how to recycle properly? I like to give advice!


Because of my large network, I can offer your industrial waste to another company in perhaps an entirely different sector. This is how we circulate the waste.


So the waste we recycle together is never destroyed. I make sure that your industrial waste is continuously circulated.