Always on time


Every Saturday morning from 1 May to 28 August 2021.

Woerden is a real cheese town. It is therefore the best place to treat the public to a festive cheese feast; the Boerenkaasmarkt!  The city has a centuries-old cheese market tradition that still exists. The first batches of cheese were transported from the surrounding countryside to the center of the city of Woerden as early as 1885 to be handled. The Boerenkaasmarkt is there every Saturday in the summer months, in 2021 from May 1 to August 28. 

At the Woerden cheese market, real farm cheese is traded. In the season, traders and farmers display their cheeses, while the ringmaster takes visitors into the world of cheese. By means of the classic “handshake” trade is still done between the farmers and the traders.

In addition to the award-winning Gouda farmhouse cheeses, there is an endless selection of countless cheese varieties. Discover the artisan market, taste the freshness of the land in the cheeses and discover the history of cheese making. From Saturday, May 1 to August 29, you can experience cheese every week on the Kerkplein in Woerden. The festival lasts from 11.00 to 13.00 hours. At 11.00 am the first cheese show starts that you must have seen once!  Visitors witness the trade through “handshakes” between farmers and traders, a ringmaster explains all the secrets and traditions that the cheese market has to offer. A visit to the cheese market is a must when visiting the farmers’ market town of Woerden.