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Tours Nijmegen

Are you planning a trip to Nijmegen, in Gelderland? Definitely do so! Nijmegen is an old city with a rich history and has much to offer and experience. Below you will find a top 14 of must-see attractions when in Nijmegen.

The Kronenburgerpark is, as the name suggests, a park in the historic center of Nijmegen. A beautiful piece of flora and fauna in the middle of the city. There is a large pond, surrounded by several old (defensive) towers, animals, a waterfall and a piece of the city wall. Join a tour and relive history and discover details you would otherwise never have seen.

The Stevens Church was built in the mid-13th century so it has been around for a long time. A church with character. Church services are held, guided tours are given and you can soak up the culture yourself. You will find stained glass windows, tombstones and large chandeliers.

The Lange Hezelstraat is the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands. It was created in 1334 and you can find all kinds of things. Various stores, hotels, nightlife and numerous catering establishments. All in one street.

The Grote Markt in Nijmegen is the largest square in the city center. It is also called the heart of Nijmegen. You will find a whole range of entertainment venues, stores and restaurants here. It is also the location of the weekly markets.

The Boterwaag can be found on the Grote Markt and is characterized by the beautiful Renaissance shapes. The building dates from 1613 and served as a city watch, meat hall and the military guard of Nijmegen was located on the top floor. Definitely worth a visit.

The Valkhof is a park on the edge of the center, situated on a hill giving you a magnificent view over the river Waal. It was opened in 1886 and is 40 hectares in size. The Valkhof has a rich history, which is told and illustrated in Museum het Valkhof.

In Museum het Valkhof you will be stimulated to take in the rich history of Nijmegen. You will find all kinds of artifacts from the war, art from both the past and modern times. Go back in time up to 5000 years. There is plenty to see and do, for young and old.

The Hunnerpark is a small, intimate park located next to the Valkenhof. It was constructed between 1976 and 1882. A small part of the old city walls has been preserved. The Hunnerpark is the location of the annual Four Days Festivities.

The Waal Bridge is a well-known and recognizable bridge. The white bridge is characterized by the various bars and arches. The bridge was opened on 16 June 1936 and connects the center of Nijmegen with Lent.

The town hall of Nijmegen is a historic building, originating from 1555 and located at the Burchtstraat. In the town hall you will find a number of historical and modern works of art, including a gallery of mayor’s portraits.

De Bastei is a nature and cultural history museum in Nijmegen. Here you will find exhibitions about the rich nature and water of Nijmegen. Guided tours are given and there is plenty to experience, see and feel.

In the Netherlands you will find only one museum like this; the only real Fietsmuseum! You can see various special bicycles, such as the very first bicycles, balance bikes, wooden bicycles and bicycles from the royal family. You will also find numerous accessories such as bicycle lights.


A special attraction that should not really have the name attraction. The muZieum is a very special museum. Here you experience what it is like to be blind or visually impaired. All your senses are stimulated, except your eyes. There is more to feel, hear, taste and smell than to see.

14.Africa Museum

When you’re in the Afrika Museum, you imagine yourself in warm Africa for a moment. You breathe in the African culture and experience it fully. It seems as if you are really in Africa. The museum is part of the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam and the Museum Ethnology in Leiden. Together they form the National Museum of World Cultures.